Oaxaca City is a magical place. The number has declined a bit in recent years, though, due to the increasing popularity of other Christian denominations. What road trip route you decide to take will probably depend on where you leave from and how much time you have. While that literally means “right now,” it actually means that it will probably take a while or might not happen at all. It's better to pick up something decent from the duty free on your way in and spend $15-20. Plus the drive between the two cities is pleasurable and relatively easygoing. Isla Mujeres is one of those places that quickly captures the hearts of everyone who goes there. The best roads to drive on in Mexico are called cuota and they are good quality and FAST. However, I almost always end up going with Hertz Car Rental as they have great prices and are very trustworthy. You can take private lessons all around Mexico for as little as $5 USD an hour. ), fresh seafood restaurants by the bucketful, golf carts to explore the island on and hammocks set up on the calm tranquil ocean waters (that’s right – IN the water). The rains on the Pacific Coast in particular can even be monsoon-like during this time, while on the Caribbean side, there’s a chance that a hurricane could blow through. HA! Plus, not many people visit Mexico on a hiking holiday so you can find a piece of mountain paradise all to yourself. The car ferry leaves from Playa del Carmen and is much more frequent than the Isla Mujeres car ferry. If you can only go to just one island in Mexico, I suggest you make it Isla Holbox. However, it will really depend on where you plan to cross. This will never cost you anything extra and in some cases, you'll even receive a discount for using our links. These are great times to travel to Mexico, as the weather is still pretty nice but prices and crowds are more manageable. Books are different than online opinions. It’s also common for people to tell you that something will happen right away or very soon, when in fact it’s going to take a while. It'll fill you up and won't light you on fire. Mexico is the place to be! We understand that you’ll have to drive in order to start … This site uses cookies to help user experience. The roads in the Yucatan are some of the best we traveled on in Mexico. But we did have to pay $5 for a broken tail light once. No doubt you’ll easily find someone who has recently done the same route and is happy to give you advice. Eat a big lunch for cheap and then take a siesta - it's the Mexican way! Road trip Mexique - Amérique Centrale - Mexique (en 4x4). By Sea: Those taking a cruise to travel to Mexico will likely visit Puerto Vallarta (Puerto means “port” in Spanish, after all) or somewhere in the Riviera Maya. Otherwise, you can also use the secondary free highways called libre, which usually run alongside the quota highways and go through all of the small towns along the way. Usually, police don’t want to cause a scene so you could ask to be taken to the official office for processing as a way to get out of paying a bribe. Need cheap road trip ideas? As of June 2018, the exchange rate is $1 USD = 20 MXN. The country celebrates its Independence Day on September 16th, which is the day that the war with Spain was launched in 1810. Surf à Cozumel Ouvert par pharmouille, le 03/03/2020 à 13:25. If you have your own transport, I implore you to stay in one The state of Oaxaca is probably best known for its indigenous peoples; the Zapotecs and Mixtecs. There are even direct flights from London, while other European travellers will have to make at least one connection. Just FYI, magic mushrooms grow freely here and the town has made a name for itself as being a popular place to go to try them out in a gorgeous natural setting. Beside the Cesaer salad originating in Tijuana, over the past decade, food has been putting Tijuana on the map. However, halfway through this drive, a small town called Ocosingo closed down due to protests and it was dangerous to drive through (in mid-2018). You have to eat several times a day, after all, so it's always a plus when the local food is great. If insurance is not included, add it to your rental policy. Every culture has its own unique culture and with historical differences come some particular traditions and behaviors that travellers should be aware of when traveling around any country. Some signs are even hand-written by residents of the area! If you have an IDL, you must present both this and your domestic driver’s license to the office when you rent a car. Check out the blog posts we've about Mexico below. Cancun is a popular place to hire cars so it’s easy to start and end your Mexico road trip here. An International Driving Permit (IDP/IDL) or an official translation in English is strongly recommended if your domestic driver’s license is not in English (Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, etc) when renting a car or driving in Mexico. Many thanks. Pretty much any dive off of Isla Mujeres is going to be exciting, but a trip to the nearby Isla Mujeres National Marine Park is likely going to be one of the major highlights of your diving trip to Mexico. To travel Mexico is easy because there are so many places to visit, the buses are comfortable, the planes take off on time and there are more hotels, guest houses and resorts than one could count. Whether you're a budget backpacker or a luxury traveller, we have a bit for everyone in the posts below. Speaking Spanish helps a bit, but even then you'll pay more than locals for a lot of things. There are usually much smaller crowds during these times, with the exception of Easter when the whole country seems to be traveling. Eat food to die for, explore cactus gardens and swim in warm, pristine oceans. While Mexico doesn't have an official language, Spanish is far and away the most common. Don’t stay the night here though, it’s terribly overpriced. This is a very popular day hike from Mexico City, so while we mentioned that you may have some hiking spots in the country to yourself, this isn't one of them. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème road trip mexique, mexique, road trip. August and September are generally the wettest and hottest months, which means far fewer tourists. A Mexico City / Oaxaca road trip would give you a great taste of pretty cities, cactuses, mountains and culture achievable in just a few days. Be sure to try a world-renowned meal, see the sunrise over Canada de la Virgen Ruins and soak up the addictive atmosphere. Keep these things in mind before heading there: While much of Mexico is very safe, there's still a lot of violence going on. In most case they aren't. Tipping in Mexico is not always expected, but it's definitely appreciated. The Mexpro website explains that if you plan to drive a vehicle beyond the Mexico Free Zone you will need to purchase a Mexico Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit (TIP). In the Riviera Maya in Mexico, you can see baby turtles hatch (August to November), swim with whale sharks (May to August) and check out amazing underground rivers called cenotes (year round) that are found only in the Yucatan. Road Trip Californie - Mexique Ouvert par Trip-Dream - Dernier message le 11/11/2020 à 03:58. They work hard and play hard. The Daily. partially abandoned mind-blowing village of Real de Catorce. Want to save money and travel the world? They soon took back power with the election of Enrique Peña Nieto, but he’s on his way out as the country gets ready for elections this July. Ensenada is less than 2 hours south of Tijuana and makes a good place to stop overnight or, if time allows, take a day wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe (see the road trip loop above). Mostly, however, it is the lack of quality of the roads that will be the biggest problem for you on this trip. This city has some amazing food options. Visit the famous gothic churches, Teotihuacan Ruins and marvel at some of Diego and Frida’s artwork. These cultures have survived better than most others due to the rugged and isolated terrain in which they live. Unfortunately, even if you are in the right and have done nothing wrong the police may still ask you for a bribe. The next day will be a 4-hour drive to Oaxaca City. Up and down the coast, you’re spoiled with options for other smaller towns to visit, such as Yelapa, Bucerias, and Sayulita. Address: Calle 28 Norte Mza 10, Lote 8 , Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Read more about all these cenotes and more in this epic cenote guide. Here you’ll find the famous city of Puerto Vallarta, which has plenty of all-inclusive resorts but retains much of its unique Mexican charm. Beautiful architecture, tequila, gothic churches, rough local bars, and abandoned villages dominate this route. You'll have no problem using your card to pay for your hotel, flights or long distance buses, entrance fees, and at nicer restaurants and bars. Backpacking Mexico is an incredible experience with endless options. Many businesses in popular beach areas close down for a few months. The last stop on the 10 day epic Yucatan, Mexico road trip is to the island of Isla Holbox. A small colonial city complete with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses with plant pots on every patio, surrounded by lush mountains and flower farms. Our best recommendations on where to stay during this road trip are at the bottom of each section. Do a bit of research into which entry/exits are better than others. As “Delhi Belly” is to India, “Montezuma's Revenge” is to Mexico. Click this box to shop for travel-related items, or check out our packing lists. You’ll find the cheapest fares with Viva Aerobus, Volaris, and Interjet. It’s no wonder Travel + Leisure called it the best city in the world in 2017! We stopped from one to three nights in each place. It wasn’t until the year 2000 with the victory of Vicente Fox that an opposition candidate took the presidency of Mexico. Phone and internet service are readily available and are both quite good in Mexico. Walk into a local taquileria, and you're bound to find 10-15 different bottles on the table. Hitting one going too fast could really damage your car. them! 22 783 km autour des �tats-Unis et du Mexique - Nov. 2006 � Avril 2007 Archives du Journal de bord � propos du voyage Notre v�hicule : VW westfalia D�but de l'aventure : Jour 1 Topes can be found on major highways and in small towns. Firstly, driving through Mexico is quite safe, for the most part. Follow @Ecophilesmag: road trip travel. If you are crossing from the USA, log all your plans with family or friends. You won’t need a TIP if you are driving your car in any part of the Baja Peninsula or the Sonoran Free Zone. Learn to surf or horseback ride on the beach. They usually offer free 24 hour cancellation. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the tender tacos de cabeza - made from the roasted head of a cow or pig. Frequently updated. Le principe est très simple : 3 copines, 2 tentes, 1 voiture et 0 charge mentale. One look at the incredible temple and you'll be glad you did. The map will automatically save into “Your Places” > “MAPS”. Although quite touristy, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the best places to road trip in Mexico. Honestly, driving in Mexico is an extremely intense experience, only made better by knowing what you’ll be getting yourself in for. There are also 10, 5, 2, and 1 peso coins. Tecate is an underrated small town with a lot to offer. They're usually a bit bigger as well, so you might only need one to fill up. In popular beach towns, you can expect to pay a bit more ($25-30 on the low end). Basically all of the southwestern US plus California and Texas were once a part of Mexico. If you liked this Mexico roadtrip post, feel free to share it with others! There are no vaccinations that are required for Mexico travel. If you haven’t got your cenote fix yet, visit Coba for a handful of really cool underground cave cenotes (which are super cheap) and Coba Ruins if you want to climb to the top of the tallest ancient Mayan temple in the Yucatan. Mexico is one of the most popular countries to visit in the world, meaning people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds can be found. My recommendation would be to first head over to Isla Mujeres for a day or two before picking up your rental car and heading off to see the rest of Quintana Roo state. At this price range, you can definitely get rooms with a private bathroom and A/C. It's a very popular time for taking a family vacation, and beach destinations are packed to the brim throughout the week. All cuota roads are paid for by cash (no credit cards) so keep lots of money for them. From Merida, it’s an easy 2-hour drive to the ruins of Chichen Itza. Note that you must maintain your home country comprehensive/collision insurance while you are in Mexico. Random muggings, kidnappings, and shootings do still occur even in the safe areas. Places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta can get a bit wild during this time, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. Atop is a 900-year old Aztec Pyramid that makes the climb worthwhile. When travelling in Mexico, you’ll find the internet is generally pretty reliable and fast. Nous avions pour objectif exactement le même itinéraire au départ, mais après réflexion, nous avons retiré Campeche et Calakmul car nous avons peur de passer plus de temps sur la route, que ce soit la course plutôt que de profiter du pays tranquilement. You can head straight to Loreto, 6 hours southeast of Guerrero Negro. Many hostels offer free breakfast as well, which helps you cut down on your daily costs. It’s worth a night here if you like that sort of atmosphere, but if you don’t, I suggest carrying on down the highway for an hour to the smaller and much more beautiful Tulum to stay the night. However, from this town, you should embark on a tour through the Canyon de Sumidero to see the Christmas Tree Falls. Mid-Range: Hotels in the mid-range in Mexico tend to be between $50-75 a night depending on where you are. You can check the Wikipedia page on the visa policy of Mexico for specific details.If you’re from Russia, Ukraine, or Turkey, you can obtain an electronic authorization visa that’s good for 30 days and allows you to travel by air to Mexico. Du Mexique by Sonya Grimond, Cancun: See 590 unbiased reviews of Du Mexique by Sonya Grimond, rated 5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #46 of 1,266 restaurants in Cancun. Get A FREE Personalised Savings Plan & Kickstart Your Travels TODAY! It's unique, it's diverse, and man is it delicious!The Mexican diet definitely revolves around the tortilla. Your road trip starts in Mexico City, where you will see the countries beating heart. 10 jours de road trip dans la péninsule du Yucatán (du 10 au 20 novembre 2018): Holbox, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Izamal, Mérida, Uxmal, Bacalar, Akumal, Tulum, Isla Mujeres & Cancun. Mexico is home to around 130 million people. When you travel in Mexico, at one point or another you’ll hear someone mention “Mexican time.” Things are very tranquilo in Mexico, with no one seeming to be in a hurry. There's a reason that Mexican cuisine is one of the best countries for food. This dive off the coast of Playa del Carmen has long been one of Mexico's most sought after dive locations. These local restaurants cook up classic Mexican fare for a budget to feed the masses around lunchtime. Not everything can be accessed by a colectivo, bus or even a taxi. It's basically a Bloody Mary but with beer instead of vodka. This is one of Mexico's easiest and most accessible day hikes. It should be noted that those entering Mexico by land will need to obtain a travel document to be presented at checkpoints. This park sits atop the Mesoamerican Reef which at 1,000 kilometers in total length from tip to tip is the second largest reef system in the world (next to the Great Barrier Reef. Drive just an hour to Valladolid – my favorite town in Mexico. These are the best fares found by travelers who searched Tripadvisor in the past recent weeks. When you drive your American (or Canadian) registered vehicle into Mexico from the USA you will need to buy insurance and to fill out the required paperwork either at the border or before you leave. For starters, just to get into the town you have to drive through a 2 km tunnel through the mountains. You’ll then follow the spectacular Oaxacan coast for a while before turning off to head back up the mountains of Chiapas to the gorgeous colonial city of San Cristobal de las Casas. Just about everything is eaten in tortillas here, and the local tortilla shop is always one of the busiest places in town.The food in Mexico also has a reputation for being spicy, thanks to the liberal use of several varieties of chilli peppers and the abundance of hot sauces on offer. Don’t forget to spend a day marveling at the history and temples of the ancient Maya at Palenque ruins and museum too. It's generally expected that you'll tip your bag porter about 10 - 20 pesos per bag and your cleaner around 20 - 50 pesos per night at nicer hotels. Nous cherchons des conseils pour l'achat d'un véhicule pour 4 mois Achat aux USA (Los Angeles ou San Diego) ou alors à Tijuana? Football is basically a religion in Mexico and Latin America at large. When traveling on the coast, you'll definitely want to sample some seafood. Short on time? And I’m not just talking about insurance here. There is rarely a wait at Tecate. The beaches in Huatulco were some of my favorite in Mexico. Forget about Taco Tuesday - it's Taco Every Day here! Mexico is home to several ruins of ancient Mayan cities, but none is more impressive than Chichen Itza. Once rainy season picks up in June/July, Mexico gets far fewer international tourists. These usually cost $3-5 depending on the ingredients. You may also like to take a detour back up the mountains to San Juan del Pacifico. It is the type That's more than enough time to take an epic backpacking trip from coast to coast, or you can follow the lead of all the snowbirds who choose to live here for half of the year when it's cold back home in the north. Most travelers to Mexico head there for a bit of sun, sand, and good times. Mexico City is possibly one of the world’s most underrated foodie destinations. Go on an incredibly cheap dolphin watching boat trip and drive around to see as many tranquil bays and beaches as you can find. There are still around 1.5 million Maya people living in Mexico today. What types of travellers you bump into in Mexico really depends on where you go and what time of year it is. A quesadilla is basically the exact same thing as a taco but with plenty of melted, gooey cheese in the middle. This custom map of all the road trips in Mexico includes all of the best Mexican road trips, and where you should stop to sightsee and/or stay a night or two. The ultimate New Mexico road trip consists of breakfast burritos, vintage Americana, stunning desert backdrops, a little hiking, and a little more relaxation. Although touristy, there’s a reason why. Nous sommes partis 15 jours en voyage au Mexique dans le Yucatan et le Quintana Roo, deux régions à l’est du pays. You may also need to purchase a Temporary Import Permit for your vehicle. This mountainous drive will take 3 hours to get to El Chiflon from San Cristobal de las Casas. We recommend them because we trust them and because they are the best companies for booking tours, flights, car rentals and travel insurance online. While you may be tempted to make a beeline for the beach, the Mexican capital is well worth a visit. It's possible to find a dorm bed for around $10 a night. Below you'll find our personal travel experiences and travel blogs from Mexico. We would compare the time that Google Maps said it would take with how long it actually took us and it would almost always take twice as long as what Google Maps had said. Currently, there are over 120 vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe. Driving in Mexico Tips❸ USA into Mexico❹ Choose a Mexican Road Trip, ❺ Road Trips in Northern Mexico❻ Road Trips in Central Mexico❼ Road Trips in the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico has a great selection of hostels, so it's not hard finding a cheap and social place to stay. Reading blog posts about Mexico is a great way to learn more about the country and get some ideas for your trip. Those on an extended trip may also enter Mexico by land if coming from neighboring countries like Guatemala and Belize. We've travelled this amazing country for nearly six months in total, and we feel like we've barely scratched the surface. This road trip is for people who like colonial-style cities and the wild, wild west. Jump on one of the hourly ferries and spend your last few days relaxing on the white sandy secluded beaches of Isla Holbox. You could say it offers a sampling of much of what the country of Mexico has to offer. Around 10% of the population now identify as Protestant. Here are a few recommendations: What better way to kill time on that flight to Mexico than reading a book about the country? Insurance is mandatory in Mexico, and you will have problems with the police if you don’t purchase it. Make sure you spend at least a couple of days here. As mentioned Mexico’s roads aren’t the best. While this is a very small number, it’s important to take caution with your drinks. A cute mountain town bursting with beauty and history, Palenque is a stop you cannot miss. Thankfully, it's also quite cheap to order drinks from the bar. I even got in a cab in Mexico City where the driver seemed nice enough and turned on his meter, only to find the thing running up abnormally quickly. Exploring Guadalajara, Mexico – Mariachi, Museums and Markets. San Miguel de Allende is known for its baroque/neoclassical Spanish architecture, in particular, the pink gothic church that sits in the center of the city. For those seeking a great multi-day hike, look no further than Copper Canyon. These are probably the two things Mexico is most famous for, and they're not hard to find here. DISTANCE COVERED: 1,660 km (1,031 miles). Look out for the signs, they are easy to miss! Stop here overnight to explore the city. It's worth noting that the 200 and 20 peso notes are both green, which has caused many a tourist to make a costly mistake when paying for things. But I do suggest you spend some time learning if you want to make the most out of your travels and get the local prices, etc. You can expect to pay $3-4 in a nicer establishment. Morgan Shidler. But there really isn’t anything to do in Selina Cruz, so you would only sleep there. If you’re headed out on a less-explored route, you may like to know the current conditions of the road (spoiler: it’s probably terrible, hah), whether there is gang presence there, and how many gas stations you’ll likely come across. This is a country that knows how to have a good time, and they'll make sure you have one, too.For travellers, Mexico offers a depth of experiences that's hard to top. Don't forget your snorkel gear! The National Revolutionary Party was formed in 1929, and they have mostly held onto power ever since. While it may be very hot and rainy on the coast, it’s more pleasant in the central part of Mexico. If you go to a supermarket, be sure to give a little tip to the person who bags your groceries. If you like art, you can find plenty of that as well as wood and metal craft at Artist Alley along the Free Road (Km 30). Its famous for its incredible Mexican food, impressive architecture and beautiful pottery. We do our best to cover as many different places as possible so that you can better plan your next trip to Mexico. Coastal cities boast several options for all-inclusive resorts, which usually come with a price tag of $250-500 a night. The people are friendly, welcoming, and super helpful. We suggest you leave early from Puebla City to the Biosphere Reserve so you have as much time to explore as you need before overnighting in Tehuacán. However, if you’re on a budget, stay in town to save money. The Mesoamerican Reef System off the south coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is definitely one of the best dive locations on Earth, but freshwater cave dives and rocky dives on the west coast make Mexico a true diver's paradise. Have fun cramming as many water-based activities that you can fit in your schedule. Many American carriers such as T-Mobile even include Mexico in their plans, meaning you won’t need to change your SIM card. From barren deserts, to soaring mountains, to hidden underground sinkholes, there's much to discover when you travel to Mexico. Located in the small town of Tepozteco just 82 kilometers (51 miles) south of Mexico City, hiking up this 365 meter (1,200 foot) peak is a bit challenging, but because it's low altitude you'll even find children and the elderly hiking it. Having spent over a year and a half both living and travelling in Mexico, we have quite a few posts! We also rave about Booking.com as the best hotel booking In the city, you’ll be able to buy vibrant arts and crafts and sample unique delicious Oaxacan cuisines. The most common is Nahuatl, which has around one million speakers. You’ve seen the pictures, now it’s time to explore this famous multicolored city!