But where the Austin Powers brand splintered predictably off into high concept, potty-sketch echolalia, OSS 117 director Michel Hazanavicius, and his condescendingly cuddly star Jean Dujardin, prefer to teeter on the precipice of homage. Ruben is dangerously reluctant to live in the moment, always on the hunt for an exit even as he begins to embrace his therapy. Müller OSS 117. When he was on the brink of something brilliant, he looked away because I think there was that convergence of actor and character. Chuck Bowen, Abner Pastoll’s A Good Woman Is Hard to Find as a horror film version of Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You. And I want to push him to that honesty, I knew that was my role. It’s like, “No, I’m not gonna let you go, we’re gonna get through this together.” So I pushed him, deliberatively, because he stopped midway and looked away. Philippe Lefebvre, AKA: My job is to be the conduit, to push it out of him like I know he would push hit out of me. D'ici là, n'hésitez pas à mater notre interview exclusive de Ramzy Bedia, dans lequel il revient sur des moments cultes de sa carrière. Scènes et répliques cultes OSS 117 - Best ofCes films sont bourrés de références alors j'ai décidé de vous réunir les plus cultes. Having none, she checks her remote controls, which are dead, and scrambles around until she finally removes the batteries from of one of her children’s toys with a butter knife. It’s going to be raw. I think anyone that I’ve recognized like Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Harry Belafonte Jr. is fully committed to the act. I knew that Robert O’Hara would be very innovative with form. For minutes on end, we watch her pacing around, clearly distressed and unable to fathom why her piglets have been taken from her. Whereas last year’s horror films were generally political in scope, horror this year was intensely concerned with the destruction of the family unit, which is to say that 2019 and 2020 horror inadvertently document a “cause” and “effect” situation between a rigged class system and domestic life. I put him on the shelf with James Baldwin, Nikki Giovanni, and Maya Angelou, people who told me I can be the most complex version of myself possible, and the world will meet it. Boyega gives exquisite expression to how Leroy’s modulates his rage before its unleashed upon the individual bad apples in ways that make unassailably clear that the whole bunch is rotten. That’s the intention I have in a lot of my characters, even in characters that I feel like I’m playing off the wall in Zola and Candyman. BEJO: OSS 117, I think, is a good movie. Ce coffret présente quatre des meilleurs épisodes étoffés de documentaires et d’interviews. Yeah. Attempting to divine coherence among films shepherded by various artists via dissimilar methods can be a fool’s errand, but the best horror movies of 2020 were starkly united. With Monster Hunter, it feels more like Paul W.S. © David Lee / Netflix. I’ll be very honest, I hadn’t been a fan of them. OSS 117 who in the tradition of Maxwell Smart and Inspector Clouseau somehow succeeds in spite of his ineptitude. Maybe I learned that on stage. It lacks their budgets, yes, but it also strips away the pretensions to respectability of such cash-grab productions. Cummings doesn’t have Lynch’s formal daring, but he has reinvigorated an oft-told tale with personal, thorny preoccupations. 1:11. I don’t know, I just understand that play and what it’s trying to do. And I think that’s when I feel like I’ve achieved something that is useful. OSS vienvo. If Elizabeth’s domineering ways felt so cookie-cutter up to this point, it’s only because we realize, as Burstyn reaches into the well of Elizabeth’s own trauma, not knowing what she will pull out but clearly hoping that it will point her daughter toward transcendence, that this is the only part of her that she’s ever chosen to show the world. Amazon.com: OSS 117: Five Film Collection (OSS 117 Is Unleashed / OSS 117: Panic in Bangkok / OSS 117: Mission For a Killer / OSS 117: Mission to Tokyo / OSS 117: Double Agent) [Blu-ray]: Kerwin Matthews, Frederick Stafford, John Gavin, Curt Jurgens, Lucianna Paluzzi, Irina Demick, Robert Hossein, Pier Angeli, Margaret Lee, George Eastman, Andre Hunebelle, Michel Boisrond: Movies & TV This year’s performances fell into several traditional patterns. I think that’s the intention, at least. And, undeniably, Lost in Rio emulates its swinging-‘60s targets with far more technical and spiritual fidelity than Mike Myers’s ham-fisted brood (an orgy scene in the middle of the film features an inspired multiple-split screen montage that divides the flat sex gags being performed into kaleidoscopic bubbles). I’m a bit more of a fan after last night! And I just started yelling at the top of my voice, “Tell me! The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Relic fixates on rotting wood, the monolithic scope of the Australian woods, and the colors on Edna’s front door’s stained-glass window that meld, eventually, into a single dark spill, as though the house is infected by the old cabin that haunts Kay’s (Emily Mortimer) dreams. Bowen, Frederick Wiseman’s films routinely feature contemplative passages that simply observe people at work, but leave it to a group of sanitation workers to turn one City Hall sequence into something close to spectacle. Rémy Margage Envoyer un message au rédacteur À LIRE ÉGALEMENT. The streak continues in George C. Wolfe’s film adaptation of August Wilson’s play Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, in which Domingo plays Cutler, the leader among the instrumentalists for Viola Davis’s titular blues singer. Growing fearful for one of the women, Jane (Julia Garner) tries to complain to an H.R. There would be no me if it wasn’t for August Wilson, if I didn’t see interpretation of a black life. Though Ruben refuses to live in the now, Ahmed gives him an incredibly active presence, all pleading eyes and subtly shifty gestures, demonstrating a mischief born out of desperation. As he illustrated in The Strangers, Bertino has a very capable, Carpenter-esque way of establishing and exploiting spatial dynamics, which he utilizes here less for set pieces than for impressively sustaining an inchoate sense of dread. I research way more than shooting hours allow. French top secret agent, Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, is sent to Rio to buy microfilms from a running nazi. That’s what it felt like to me, except I wanted to have that breadth and ease, and so did Zendaya. OSS 117 ALERTE ROUGE EN AFRIQUE NOIRE - En attendant la réouverture des cinémas, Gaumont a annoncé un report du prochain OSS 117. I’ve been adapting some of my work to television and one of my works to film. Reaching a low point, Martin, a lost actor, can’t help but give a fine performance, fusing our culture’s mythology of alcoholism with his own misery. Bowen. Statistics | They’re in their own story no matter what. to make them more complex and human. It means everything to me. But also, because it’s directed by Robert O’Hara, right? Loulou danse ridicule Le James Bond français se nomme Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, mais est mieux connu sous le matricule OSS 117. OSS 117 - Cairo: Nest of Spies, OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions, Support us | I thought it was perfect words for everything in my heart as I’ve experienced this year. Chris Barsanti. As Anthony’s mental misfires shunt him from one mood to the next with little warning, Hopkins deftly toggles between multiple overlapping moods and threads these states together with a keen vulnerability that ratchets up dramatically once Zeller starts throwing curveballs at Anthony and the viewer. Hopefully, that’s why people can see something of my skill in a scene. DUJARDIN: For me, OSS 117 and maybe Un Balcon Sur La Mer directed by Nicole Garcia. I think that’s why it’s so emotional. These boys who will be cast, more than likely, will not be stars. Developers | 15/04/2009 17:25. You take people like me and my comrades Robert O’Hara, Dominique Morisseau, and Lynn Nottage to do that. Sam C. Mac, Of all the unforgettable lost souls we meet across the running time of Bill and Ross Turner’s Blood Nose, Empty Pockets, Michael Martin is the most haunting: a washed-up actor, alcoholic, and all-around tortured artist type who’s fashioned himself as the sage of a Las Vegas dive bar. "The Prride of French Intelligence". With Jean Dujardin, Louise Monot, Rüdiger Vogler, Alex Lutz. You can’t be so conscious of like, “Oh, this is the performance I wanted to deliver.” It’s just going to be what it is. Olivia Colman’s performance is centered on a thinly held restraint, as Anne is desperate to be calm and reassuring even as her panic over what to do with her father is boiling up inside. Le réalisateur et scénariste Michel Hazanavicius n'a pu résister à l'envie de créer de nouvelles aventures pour son espion OSS 117. The sight of an old naked man is obviously intended to invite a certain type of gut reaction, which the filmmakers swiftly flip on its head when rifle-wielding hunters descend on him after he enters his home and they set the straw of its thatched roof on fire. Bowen. officer, Wilcock (Matthew Macfadyen), who first encourages her to speak up before swiftly and chillingly proceeding to gaslight her. You have to get there a little quicker, with some breadth and contextualization with visual language. When do you need the immediacy of a live audience? He’s inspired me to be the writer I am, to be bold in the way that I represent myself and my fight for social justice through art and academics. Disclaimer | Near the end of the film, though, when the bar’s closing and a drunk is forced to face his own thoughts, Martin’s veneer shatters, and he warns a young man not to become addicted to bars as he has. Search, discover and share your favorite Oss 117 GIFs. They need it. PremiereFR. I also put a bit of my soul into it. Far more culturally fascinating—but still only intermittently chuckle-worthy—is the film’s unnerving racial content, an angular outcropping of its discomfiting plot: The goal of OSS 117’s peril-pocked mission is to track down a Nazi ex-pat in Brazil and retrieve a damning list of Hitler-sympathetic French. Their secret agent-era vintage thrillers and corresponding spy parodies are collected under a single, post-modernly collapsed franchise. David Byrne covers Janelle Monáe’s “Hell You Talmbout,” an enraged lament for black people slain by cops and white supremacists that’s given added emotional impact by Spike Lee cutting away to blown-up photographs of the men and women named in the song. Looking to a future where he may hear again, he doesn’t quite seem to realize he’s merely trying to recreate his past. I think that that was my job, and I was up to the task because I felt empowered to have that position in the room. Jean Dujardin I’m a character actor, so I need to do all this detailing so then it can look like the work isn’t there. [Interview] Jean Dujardin à la poursuite de la vérité dans « J’accuse » 16/11/2019 Parti de comédies 100% frenchy (‘Brice de Nice’, ‘OSS 117’), le talent comique de Jean Dujardin l’a mené jusqu’aux Oscars, avec la statuette du meilleur acteur pour ‘The Artist’ (il est le premier acteur français à l’avoir remportée). Put that as the headline! Writer credits: After a fellow agent and close friend is murdered, Hubert is ordered to take his place at the head of a poultry firm in Cairo. To do so, he has to team up with Mossad secret services. Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor, Leigh Whannel’s The Invisible Man, and Carlo Mirabella-Davis’s Swallow explore how corporate culture splinters or warps families, while Natalie Erica James’s Relic and Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers use supernatural tropes as symbols for the agonies of dementia. Secret agent OSS 117 foils Nazis, beds local beauties, and brings peace to the Middle East. Bowen, Though Victor Kossakovsky’s Gunda never subjects us to gruesome images of slaughter à la Georges Franju’s Blood of the Beasts, it nevertheless closes with a prolonged single-shot sequence that’s more heartbreaking than any depiction of the goings-on in an abattoir ever captured on film. That’s the role of Colman. I’m always making choices as an actor, and I’m very detailed in my work. James Bond meets Maxwell Smart. Her psychological disorder, known as pica, partially appears to be a response to her knowledge of this fact, serving as a contemptuous act of self-punishment, with perhaps an element of sexual gratification. Steven Scaife, Across Hunter Hunter, writer-director Shawn Linden links us empathetically to every member of a family living off the grid, rather than merely favoring Mersault (Devon Sawa) and his determination to remain in the wild. You sense that one wrong turn of phrase could suck the last bit of oxygen out of that automobile. Anderson’s decision to make Artemis and her Army grunts our focal points here feels unnecessary, as the film might well have worked as mildly enjoyable fantasy escapism if we were simply dropped in among the Hunter’s band of sand pirates and the monsters they hunt. And I think that’s my job as an actor. A box-office sensation in France, comic star Jean Dujardin stars as secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, a.k.a. I realized that’s probably why people can see it as something that is quite holistic, trying to communicate my soul through these words in this moment. 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You have something called Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, I’m sure Cutler believed it was Cutler’s Black Bottom…totally kidding! Not to make you give away trade secrets, but what’s the trick to being a scene-stealer, be it in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom or Euphoria? Despite the bloodshed that eventually occurs Sarah’s home, and which is telegraphed by the opening image, this sequence is the most suspenseful in the film, as we’re led to desperately wish for this woman to experience this modicum of pleasure. It was the third OSS 117 film directed by André Hunebelle and produced by Paul Cadéac. I feel very proud I’m considered to be a “Wilsonite,” that’s what we’re called, people who relish in August Wilson’s work and are great proponents of its meaning. Comme on le voit, OSS 117, avait tout pour faire un très bon nanar, un film qui serait resté dans le mémoire pour une originalité assumée et amusante. I think early in the summer when people were doing virtual readings, I thought that they were just abysmal. OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions (et suites 1 et 2) Les Petits mouchoirs The Artist J'accuse: Séries notables: Un gars, une fille: Jean Dujardin Écouter est un acteur, humoriste, scénariste, réalisateur et producteur de cinéma français, né le 19 juin 1972 à Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). By the film’s final sequence, the strategy has proven untenable. One of the reliable pleasures of cinema is great acting, which is so abundant every year that it runs the risk of being taken for granted. Yet Mitchell still allows us to still see the insecurity in the halting gestures and fleeting glances that punctuate her character’s superbly timed punchlines. Directed by Michel Hazanavicius. The narrative contains multitudes of subtexts, and Bennett superbly modulates between learned impassivity and outright despair, capturing the pain of a kind of actress who has come to feel trapped in her role. Let’s stick it out, and we can get better.” I think that’s why people have responded like they have. I thought it was tremendous. Thank you.” I got on the phone immediately with her, and we cried together. Signaler. OSS 117, the cryptic code name for agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, was once a slick, if appropriately artificial, francophonic Bond clone, but the revisionist revival Cairo, Nest of Spies, and its sequel Lost in Rio, magnify the character’s dustily patriarchal smugness for post-feminist guffaws. PremiereFR. Aure Atika Jean Dujardin : Interview réalisée pour Skynet Jack by byFRESH. The French have it easy. Forster’s Sheriff Hadley suggests a continuation of the character he played in Twin Peaks: The Return, and Cummings fashions a swan song worthy of the legend. ; Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ( ~~~~). With Monster Hunter, he’s produced a film in which the most significant character development that the main character undergoes is when she switches out her Army fatigues for some gnarly steel armor before the climax of the second act—and in which her only arc to speak of is the one that her body forms in the air as she’s launched toward or away from the film’s giant CGI grotesqueries. You want to sit across from a table and have a very difficult conversation about something that’s going to bring you closer together and make everyone a bit more human, a little less angry, and a bit more hopeful. Secret agent OSS 117 foils Nazis, beds local beauties, and brings peace to the Middle East. The Prride of French Intelligence. L'interview de OSS 117 ! Jean Dujardin vient de poster une nouvelle photo sur son compte Instagram. Anderson Screenwriter: Paul W.S. The textual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know Contact | My job is to make sure that honesty is in the room, and I can push you towards it. OSS 117 - Le Caire nid d'espions de Michel Hazanavicius. » – Interview pour Le Labyrinthe : La Terre brûlée OSS 117 est une série de romans d'espionnage créée en août 1949 par l'écrivain français Jean Bruce, reprise à sa mort par son épouse Josette, puis par ses enfants François et Martine.Elle a fait l'objet de nombreuses adaptations, notamment cinématographiques et télévisées. - Bowen, In Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Chadwick Boseman’s Levee has visions of forming his own band, of getting his original songs recorded, of winning over Ma Rainey’s (Viola Davis) beloved chorus-girl lover, Dussie Mae (Taylour Paige). I saw last night that you were doing a virtual reading for the play Barbecue. Bowen, Though Relic is her debut feature, Natalie Erika James demonstrates a confident grasp of tone and imagery throughout the film. What are your thoughts as an actor, playwright, or person on the August Wilson “moment” we seem to be living through? Finally, there’s hope for him, but the pull of alcohol remains an ever-present force in his life, and after indulging in the booze handed to him by a bunch of street revelers, he promptly breaks into an explosive dance routine to the sound of Scarlet Pleasure’s ecstatic “What a Life.” It’s the rare instance of a pop song bringing life, not schmaltz, to a scene. Dans une interview à Première cette semaine, Nicolas Bedos en a dévoilé un peu plus sur l’intrigue de ce nouvel opus. Martin, who thought he’d lost it all, receives an unexpected reconciliatory text from his wife. Soon, the townies are talking werewolves while the police haplessly attempt to find the perpetrator. Interview B.O : Ludovic Bource, de OSS 117 à THE ARTIST (2009-2012) #LudovicBource PROPOS RECUEILLIS PAR BENOIT BASIRICO en 2009, 2011 et 2012 - Publié le 01-01-2012 I caught up with Domingo over the phone prior to the release of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix. He’s giving you the real truth, and it’s always peppered with, “I believe you can do it, because if I did it, you can.”. I’m just trying to do the job. Christopher Gray, Throughout Swallow, writer-dirctor Carlo Mirabella-Davis is willing to take his main character, Hunter (Haley Bennett), to task for her own alienation, as people often tune her out because she has so efficiently rendered herself a dully accommodating and complacent Stepford wife. The vibrator also foreshadows a wicked joke. When you, as an actor, can pick up on someone really in the zone or channeling something otherworldly, how do you respond and react in the moment? He’s like, we’re going to really edit this so it’s intimate. It’s very polished, and it has a sound design. As an artist who has such extensive experience in both media, do you have a philosophy on how things translate from stage to screen?